Why do the tutorials use phpmyadmin?

SLAM uses the structure of the database itself to format asset editing and display, but to customize the structure to suit your needs, a database management tool like phpMyAdmin is necessary. Happily, there are many free utilities to choose from:

  • phpMyAdmin – Most popular web-based RDBMS available
  • Adminer – Web-based, installs as a single file
  • Sequel Pro – Fast and full-featured, runs on MacOS.

Is there an administrative plugin for SLAM?

We are currently investigating the possibility of developing a purpose-built set of utilities that would make customizing SLAM categories, adding/removing users, and many other administrative tasks fully seamless with SLAM. This suite may be offered for a reasonable price, although SLAM itself will always remain free!

Do you offer hosting of SLAM installations?

At this time, SteelSnowflake has no plans to offer SLAM hosting packages.

Can I contribute to SLAM?

You sure can! SLAM is written in PHP, and entire codebase is available at code.google.com/p/slam-project. If you’re interested in helping, please contact us. We are also working on a plugin API for SLAM, so you can extend its functionality without actually having to dig into SLAM’s code directly.

I’ve found a bug in SLAM, what do I do?

Head on over to our issue tracker at SLAM’s Google code page, and fill out a new issue. Please describe the problem and what you were doing in as much detail as possible so we can fix it at soon as possible. With your help, we can make SLAM a better product for everyone.

Is SLAM available in another language?

At this point, SLAM is in American English only. If you are interested in localizing, please contact us!