Customizing a category
To modify an existing category, we will add or delete attributes "fields" or "columns" from the database table. This tutorial uses the free, web-based phpMyAdmin database management tool to create and modify the new category.
phpmyadmin login

Step 1.

Connect to the SLAM database server by logging into phpmyadmin using the database username and password.

phpmyadmin dbselect

Step 2.

Select the SLAM database from the list on the left hand side of the page.

phpmyadmin tableselect

Step 3.

Select the category (database table) you want to modify. In this case, "Plasmids".

phpmyadmin structure

Click on the "Structure" tab at the top of the menu bar, or on the link to the left of the category name.

phpmyadmin addcol

At the bottom of the list of asset attributes, click the add column, and select the position in the table where you would like the new field to be added, then click "Go".

phpmyadmin add string

Step 4.

You can now set what type of attribute the new field should be. I.e a string (VARCHAR), a date (DATE), multiple-choice (SET or ENUM), or a large text field (TEXT). Here we are creating a field describing what type of kit was used to create the plasmid.

"Length" is the maximum number of characters the user can enter into this field. The "Default" menu and input box specifies what default value (if any) should be present in the field when a new asset is created.

It may be helpful to enter a brief description of the attribute in the "Comments" input box.

phpmyadmin add enum

If you would like the user to have only a specified set of options, select the "ENUM" or "SET" option, and enter the possible choices in the "Length/Values" field. For example, a "Yes" or "No" option would be 'Y','N'. If a default option should be selected, place it in the "Default" text entry field.

Here we have provided the three typical sizes of miniprep kits typically used for plasmid purification.

phpmyadmin field linked

Fields in SLAM can be "linked" so that when a user enters one or more identifiers into the field, a clickable button to that identifier is provided. To inform SLAM that this field should be linked, type "#link" before any other text in the "Comments" field.

phpmyadmin drop field

A field can be dropped by clicking it's "drop" button in the field list.

WARNING: dropping a field will remove that field and it's contents from all the assets in the category. This cannot be undone!

phpmyadmin savefield

When you are finished, click the "Save" button to create the new attribute.

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