Creating a new category
To add a new category of assets to SLAM, you will need to create the category ("table") on the database, and then let SLAM know a few things about it so that it can be displayed properly. This tutorial uses the free, web-based phpMyAdmin database management tool to create and modify the new category.
phpmyadmin login

Step 1.

Connect to the SLAM database server by logging into phpmyadmin using the database username and password.

phpmyadmin dbselect

Step 2.

Select the SLAM database from the list on the left hand side of the page.

phpmyadmin template

Step 3.

You will now create a new category, using an existing template structure.

Select the "Template" category from the list of categories on the left.

phpmyadmin operations

Click on the "Operations" button at the top of the menu bar.

phpmyadmin copytable

In the "Copy table to..." panel, enter the new category name and select the "Structure Only" option.

phpmyadmin slam categories

Step 4.

You will need to let SLAM know that your category exists, and how to display it.

Click on the "SLAM_Categories" table on the left.

phpmyadmin slam categories

Click the "insert" button on the top toolbar.

phpmyadmin slam categories

These fields will define how SLAM displays and orders the attributes of assets in the category.

Under "name", enter the (case-sensitive) name of the category you just created.

The "Prefix" field will specify the two-character prefix used in the identifier. E.g. for "Plasmids", "PL" is a reasonable choice.

"List fields" will determine chich asset attributes you would like SLAM to display when browsing the category. Multiple fields can be entered here, separated by a comma (",").

"Field order" will set in which order an asset attributes are displayed while editing or viewing it. This field can be left blank, in which case SLAM will use the default order from the database.

"Title field" sets the field that SLAM will use as a title when displaying assets.

Fields placed in either "Owner field" or "Date field" will be automatically populated by the current user or date respectively when a new asset is created.

phpmyadmin slam categories

When you are finished, click the "Go" button to finish setting up the new category.

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